Our Services

Providing veterinary service to...Small Animal and Wildlife.
NOW... thanks to having Dr. Nelson on board, who is an Equine specialist, we now offer full   equine services and anticipating providing full equine services, either at the clinic or at your location.

Call for more details.  

We Love Animals and What We Do!

DAWCWR, Inc. is a small animal and equine veterinary clinic including
 a wild animal triage and drop-off site.  

We focus on preventative medicine, routine surgeries, sick animal care, and educating the public on animal care.

Most of our services are listed below. 

Wellness Examinations

Diagnostic Examinations


Microchip placement

Fecal Screening


Allergy Testing

Allergy Treatment

Nutritional Counseling




Dental Cleaning

Dental Extractions

Mass Removals

Cherry Eye Repair

Radiographs (X-ray)

Heartworm Prevention

Flea/Tick Prevention



Cremation Services

... and more!

Contact us if you have further questions!

Domestic Animal Wellness Center and Rescue, Inc.

24647 State Road 35 70, Siren, WI 54872

 (715) 349-4774


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