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GROOMING! Call 715-501-8901 for your appointment.

We are pleased to announce we have a new lead groomer, Alexandra Sorenson. She has been grooming for over 7 years in the Twin Cities and currently lives on a hobby farm in Northwestern, WI with her 9 dogs, chickens and a goats.

She is well versed in corrective and breed standard grooming, offers cat grooming, and hand stripping as well. She continues to fine tune her craft as she participates in dog grooming expos and seminars all over the country.

She is also CPR certified Jayme Dow established the grooming at the clinic in 2020, to which we are grateful and she will continue to do a few select clients as her time allows. Jayne is a 2011 graduate from Rio Gran grooming school and with her expertise and experience we are thrilled to have her on board. To make your grooming appointments with Jayme please call her at 715-419-2191

Covid policy still enforced please review our current policy when dropping off or picking up your animal here. Thank you for your understanding, .

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