Clinic Awarded $10,500 from 100 Women Who Care Polk/Burnet County.

DAWC was honored by being the recipient of this incredible award which will help us to better serve our community. We are very grateful to this valuable organization that truly helps our community!

Our presentation and use of this donation:

At the President of the Domestic Animal Wellness Center and Wildlife Rescue, Inc. (DAWC). DAWC is a small animal and equine non-profit veterinary clinic in Siren, WI. I am representing the clinic with the full support of other board of directors, who are all also volunteers, Dave Alden, Michael Fredrick and will share with you a bit about our mission and how much this award would mean to the clinic.

Burnett County is a depressed area in the state, where jobs are scarce and families generally fall in the low-income category, having little money to spare for animal care. The area is also mainly rural; therefore, wildlife is abundant. We fill an important and vital role for animals in need. We have provided quality veterinary services to over 3,500 animals and actively serve over 1,800 clients. We have helped over 125 wildlife animals in need. We also provide jobs for 7 employees, at competitive salaries.

DAWC was established as a non-profit small veterinary clinic in November 2012. The clinic initially opened in Fredrick, WI, and later moved to the Village of Siren where it served both domestic and wild animals for almost 5 years. In the summer of 2018, due unexpected reasons outside of our control, the clinic was forced to relocate. In October 2018, we decided on the current location just north of town on Hwy 70. This move was costly not only in terms of the physical move, but the necessary leasehold improvements.

In 2018, our Director and Lead Veterinarian retired, and the clinic was without a permanent veterinarian until February 2020. Dr. Brittney Nelson is our full-time lead veterinarian and director of the clinic. She is not only a small animal veterinarian but has a specialty in equine. In addition, we have retained a part time veterinarian Dr. Lisa Wolff. We are now poised for consistency, growth and the ability to serve many more animals in our community. In the near future we will be discussing ways we can work together with the local Humane Society as well.

We are in great need of a new dental drill for our dog and cat dentals. The cost of the new drill is roughly $5,000. It is one of the tools that is essential to help many of our patients not only to clean and maintain their teeth, but to extract their teeth as well. Our charges for dental services are in most cases, half the price of other veterinary clinics. We are also in need of equine supplies and equipment to provide equine medical services to our community; those expenditures are close to $5,000 as well.

In conclusion, our sustainability and growth come from income generated from our services which alone does not fully cover our expenses, through fundraising such as our weekly meat raffle and through gifts and donations from organizations and generous people in our community. We are honored by being selected as one of your possible recipients for the May 2020 donation, by the 100 Plus Women Who Care. DAWC was nominated for this honor in 2018 and we are grateful for the chance to be considered again. We can assure you any and all donations are put to good use and benefit many. Generous donations like yours would enable us to help more animals in need. Sincerely,

Theresa A. Goiffon

President DAWC

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